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Focused travel services guide for the Arabian Peninsula; Find information, air tickets and hotel deals and other Arabia travel services.

The cosmopolitan and architecturally stunning Arabia is a truly global travel destination. With its cities with ultramodern skyscrapers, the artificial archipelagos to the world’s largest shopping mall in Dubai, Arabia offers something for every taste.

Dominated by Arabia desert, these futuristic gems of the Middle East; United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Qatar offer Chic yachts rides, upscale marina homes, as well as the 30-acre manmade Lakes and the world’s largest dancing fountains. With all of this, visitors might momentarily forget they are in a desert.

You can relax on a beautiful sandy beach, explore the local souks and their treasures or enjoy a trip to the amazing Arabia Desert.

Visiting Arabia offers many travel experiences, including: camel races, hot air balloon flights, fast rides over sand dunes and even snow skiing! Make sure you try the local cuisine and visit the Spice Souks, famous for their thousand and one spices.

Getting to Arabia from world airports is easy. Whether you’re looking for a stunning luxury hotel, a beachfront suite or an intimate resort, ArbiaWire has the perfect place to stay for your Arabia travel adventure.